Blogging newbie…. finding the time

So this is just my 2nd post in the world of blogging. I have to say that after my first Goldfish post – I enjoyed writing it so much that I was super excited to delve into writing and publishing posts – but wow… that whole time and balance thing got me and the weeks started to tick by without another post in site. Truth be told, I did write another blog post in my notebook with yes “a real pen”… and I will be adding it to the blog soon.

But to stick to this topic… .

…why am I any different than anyone else that does manage to post? I’m not. Everyone struggles with finding the time. We are all super busy trying to be super mums, super dads, super women, and super everything – and well in reality life just gets in the way sometimes. I am not saying that people are not well accomplished, or not great parents or not good at a number of things in their lives – but I think the perfectly balanced life doesn’t exist in the way we think it should. Reality Check – we just can’t do it all. BUT that said… I do think it comes down to picking out some of the things that are meaningful to us and enrich our lives – that we just have to make time for. So now I need to do that because this is something that is giving back to me and is enriching me. And hopefully providing some enjoyment to others as well.

And to all of you that have blogs and manage to get on and make the time – you are motivating me as well, so thank you.

I do have lots of ideas and they will be coming, but before I carry on – I wanted to say – yes I am new at this, yes my site is still a work in progress, but I am so happy that I started this blog – I feel liberated and happy and excited to keep going. Thank you to everyone that read my first Goldfish post and sent me such supportive comments.

Speaking of finding the time… that sleep thing is on that important list! Night all.
Cheers, Jane 🙂

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